Faith like potatoes?

Just on my way to church this bright morning and i remembered a film i saw this week called ‘faith like potatoes’. It was a fascinating film based on a true story, about a farmer in South Africa who somehow came to trust in God and change his life completely, to begin to live a life of faith – and see the effect of that…against all the odds really.

Faith is a strange thing. Probably there is a fine line between faith and naivety. Some people put their faith into a god or an ‘idea of god’ which might be completely whack in my mind. Often in each tribe we visited in Last Man Standing their was an indigenous ‘god’ of the trees or animal god, and i could never imagine putting my wholehearted faith in such a god. And yet people would probably say the same of a Christian God.

but I guess my conclusion has always been – what does putting my faith in God / Jesus actually mean in my life? does it make me think, act, live better?  If not then it’s a pointless exercise because life is for living and living well – not waiting for an after life.  And I guess my conclusion over the past few years is that when i have faith in this God that Christianity talks about, I do feel a sense of peace and strength and genuine desire to live better and love others. So even if it is naive or foolish…well then never mind. It seems to work…

Well, I’ll be late I think this morning, but I’m looking forward to church. It starts my week in a really great way and gets me thinking about things other than work/training/weekly life. I know some people cannot bare to even entertain the idea of church / God / Jesus and the whole fanfare that goes along with it. But for me it is quite simple – reaching out to try to connect with whoever created this universe.  I can at least try…and see what happens 🙂

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  1. bret says:

    The one who unites our souls to him. Isn’t it great!?

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