Dragan Challenge…still going strong!

Who would have thought committing to 5minutes of exercise per day could be such a significant challenge. Of course it’s the intensity of the challenge which makes it quite tough, but It’s not just that. It’s the self-discipline of committing to something.  That’s why when people get injured and the Physiotherapist gives them simple exercises to rehab their injury, even if the exercises are simple and would only take 5minutes, we lose the discipline of doing them after a few days…and as a result the rehab is never as effective as it would have been.

So it’s the commitment and discipline which is really the hard thing…

But it has been awesome to stick with it. It really makes you feel proud of yourself and it makes you feel mentally tougher when you just do it – without excuses.  There have been about 4 occasions now where i’ve had to do the 100 lifts on or around midnight!  The first time was absolute torture…the 4th time was no big deal really. Somehow even just 20days of sticking to something has given me physical and mental edge!  Hard to believe that in such a short period of time I could say that…but it’s true.

So I will stick to the 30days, and I will complete the challenge.  And doing it has reminded me of just how valuable it is to sometimes be quite tough on yourself. Set yourself simple challenges (or boundaries), and stick to them with absolute determination. IT’s amazing what a difference it can make…

Off into the garden to do my lifts right now. IT’s an amazing Summers evening here in London, Djokovic has just won wimbledon, and I’m doing my 100lifts. 🙂

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  1. zanderxl says:

    Day 22 for me as I comment. End is in sight! Weekend was really tough as I was moing house (shifting furniture and boxes ALL day… and THEN doing the 100 when all I wanted to do was sit down!)
    Stuck with it, though. Figure if I can stick to the challenge on days like THAT then the only thing that will stop me completing this is if my arms drop off! And even THEN I’d still find a way! 🙂
    Must say that day 16 was a milestone as I was able to increase the weight I use and still do the 100. Proof to me that it is working.
    Now… what’s the deal once the 30 days are up? Do I just go straight into another 30?? Advice please (if you have the time).

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