Dec 4th – Shebbear

What an uplifting experience it was visiting Shebbear College in Devon these past two days. Teaching well-being seminars to the kids where I shared some advice on how to perform under pressure – and more importantly, what it means to feel pressure. I tried to be realistic and practical in my teaching, to remind the students that ‘feeling the pressure’, getting nervous or having personal struggles is entirely normal – it’s more about how you interpret those signs of pressure. I gave the example of when I used to go really RED in the face if I got embarrassed as a teenager. I remember it was really such a pain! I couldn’t control it & sometimes it made me lose my confidence cos I just couldn’t face going embarrassingly red in public! But the problem was not the ‘going red’. The problem was that I saw it as Terrible to go red in public. But when these signs of pressure (whether it’s extreme nerves, shaking, going red, the mind ‘racing’, feeling anxiety…whatever!) happen, the best thing is to just accept that they are a natural reaction & minimise their importance and their power of you. For instance…so what if I go red! In fact why don’t I make it into a game and see how RED I can go!! An absurd thought, but in fact it’s so absurd that it makes you laugh at the whole situation…and then it seems smaller. And there is less fear or anxiety surrounding it & it loses it’s power over me, and before I know it I’m concentrating on the task in hand and performing well.

I gave lots of other examples and hopefully the kids took something from it – even if it was just remembering me making them do 30squats and 30push-ups in the middle of the class, or committing to taking a freezing cold shower the next morning! I wonder how many of them did? I did!

Then in the afternoon and evening enjoying the friendly reaction of all the staff and students alike, and then (!) even performing a very special solo gig in the evening. Of course this is the second gig I’ve done since I officially stopped, but in actual fact I had arranged to do it many months ago…and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Such a responsive and lovely bunch of teenagers that it was genuinely a real treat for me to perform – & really not hard at all for me to get inspired. It was, for want of a better word, ‘magical’ – and the way I’d want my last gig to be. To leave in my mouth the taste of how much I truly love performing/composing and living music. Because that is the way I will be driven to make fitness work over the coming 12months. To then put myself in a position where I have the freedom to do music whilst knowing that our fantastic fitness method is a successful business and looking after itself. It may seem strange to ferociously attack one goal in order to achieve a completely different goal…but I believe it makes sense for me – at this time. And isn’t that the biggest hurdle: to believe in what you’re doing, know why you’re doing it and be passionately driven to do it.

And right now I really do. So I will :0

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  1. rita knipe says:

    You took me back quite a few years when I was I teenager. I had the same problem you had and I was extremely embarrassed by it. When I saw a guy I liked I would avoid eye contact cause I knew I would go as red as a tomato. Wonder what I missed out on…….

  2. Sheri says:

    Thank you for letting know stressing is just normal, because I stress most of the time and i am turning that into something positive and blushing along!

  3. Claire Burnell says:

    I am still blushing from the thought I got up and sang with you, although it is a memory etched wonderfully in my mind. I was reminded exactly what it was to feel like a teenager!!!!
    You have success oozing from you, all the best for everything 🙂

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