Dec 3rd – Sven and Inverdale

Just got back from the BBC Sports awards at Loughborough university where i was demonstrating Hour of Power, doing an interview and also a mini Challenge….so quite a full night. It was good fun being interviewed by john inverdale, someone who i’ve watched for many years hosting World’s Strongest Man events or Wimbledon on the BBC. And during my interview I jokingly challenged Sven Goran Erikson (previous England football manager) to go against me in the dumbbell lifting. Little cheeky n my part, but good fun. I guess you could say that I shouldn’t pick on someone of his age, but he’s probably no older than my dad…and I can pick on my dad because he’s actually still my main rival!

In fact, just a few hours ago I was discussing with maximuscle the prospect of potentially setting an official Guinness world record in dumbbell lifting, at a famous London landmark (can’t say yet!) early in 2010. that would be awesome, and such a landmark for what we’re doing. It’s one thing to know that you are probably the best in the world at an event, but it’s another thing to set an Official world record, so I look forward to that. Actually I kind of dread it too, because it means the next couple of months my training is going to have to go up another level! But I’ve realised over the past few years that i just love challenges, and without them i get bored. I always need something to strive for, no matter how small. in fact, sometimes really small challenges are the most fun – especially the pointless ones. They can make a mundane thing quite entertaining. Sometimes i have even done some very stupid ones like seeing how far i could cycle with my eyes closed. Obviously not when traffic was around, and i didn’t push it too far…but it was quite exciting even to do it for more than a few seconds. Not that i recommend it. (disclaimer!!!!)

So tomorrow morning….or in fact later this morning I head to Devon to Shebbear college to do some Well-Being lessons and hopefully inspire the students. They’ve also invited me to perform music for the evening, so although I’ve officially retired from performing for a while, I’ll of course enjoy the chance to play…then next week sell a couple of guitars! and go back into retirement 🙂

Now time to retire to bed…quite an evening!


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  1. cemenike says:

    Shebbear College is a great institution. The perfect place for children to grow and learn.
    C x

  2. rita knipe says:

    Received your album today, it is very soulful, thankyou.


  3. Rania says:

    Hi Rajko,
    Do you know the song “i’ll be there” from Sade ?
    If you don’t, i urge you to listen to it.
    I think that you are going to love it because it talks about the same language as yours: the language of the heart and what a heart !!!
    and its melody, soooo sweet….
    I’m sure you would have been able to write it yourself and I’m sure that you would performe it terribly
    I hope to have the opportunity to listen to you singing it one day.
    I would like very much having your opinion
    Good luck for all your projects

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