Dec 2nd – good people

Some people seem to have goodness within them, and some of us have to really work at it. For example, I would naturally be quite selfish and would naturally want to be an outrageous flirt and would naturally be quite vain – and so I have to make a concerted effort to not do or be those things. And for the most part I win the battle – but it does feel like a bit of a battle. But I feel as if some people have more of an inate goodness and morality to them which means they don’t seem to struggle so much with such things. Unless I’m just imagining it and giving people more credit than they deserve. But take for example men and women. Men have to really fight with themselves not to check out every good looking woman who passes them in the street, whilst I think many women do not really have to fight with themselves in that way. Why?

I guess a few things made me question my motives in various things today: my motives in my ambitions, my motives in my daily work, my motives when I go on ‘dates’. I’d lile to say my motives are totally pure and I only want to find the girl of my dreams and settle down – but the truth is I don’t think that’s true still. And I wonder why it isn’t true? What am i searching for, and would it be healthier to stop searching and just find someone to settle with like most of my friends? Why dont i feel ready to do that…

Just a few thoughts that struck me today in between working on some great new music for the Hour of Power class with Colin from Ginglik club in Shepherds Bush. Also got a massage from my friend who is training up as a massage therapist and needed some guinea pigs. It was so professional and so effective that it affected me mentally as well as physically. Not in any way sexually, but rather in a very powerful way psychologically and physically. I told my friend that it was quite strange because it left me feeling how you feel when you stand in nature and observe something beautiful: it slows you down and puts life into perspective. And it was weird that the massage seemed to do that for me – which means she must be good at what she’s doing. I guess there are different things that centre you – some people get it from exericse or yoga or religion. I usually get it from nature or music – but interestingly i got it from a massage as well. What a treat. And she is one of those good people i feel. I seem to have met quite a few good people recently…and it inspires me to be the same. If not inately, then through choice. 🙂

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  1. Rania says:

    Your honestly is touching. And it’s rare for a man 🙂
    Your blog is pleasent to read coz your share your thoughts with us. You take the time to write your blog when you are busy in your life. Throught your blog we have the feeling that we grow up and move on with you.
    So conclusion: generous, honest and big heart. You are definitly a GOOD PEARSON 🙂

  2. Rania says:

    Just sorry for my spelling mistakes in my comment 1.
    I do what i can with my dictionnary 🙂

  3. rita knipe says:

    The energy (spiritualy) you put out into the universe comes back to you that is why you meet the people you do and why certain oppertunities come to you. Please do not settle for anyone or anything you will regret it later in life. LOL
    Ps The right people will come into your life to teach you the things you need at that time, you must just be open to accept it.

    • randa gedeon says:

      And then there are those people who come into your life and change you forever. The future is not foretold and energy is definitely a factor but in respone to the last comment above 🙂 some energies lead to great and wonderful things when they fuse, they make you question your present and your future and change you for good..

  4. rita knipe says:

    In general men get sexualy stimulated visualy and women emotionaly. That is why a sensitive man is so appealing to women. I think you do quite good in that department R.

  5. Jude says:

    …You have more goodness within you than you give yourself credit for…I’ve seen it 🙂
    I know in your blog you are not looking for advice but here are my thoughts……….
    Try not to over-analyze your life and just live it, searching for ‘the one’ can be draining and counter-productive..let things happen naturally and don’t settle with someone for the wrong reasons, otherwise you will either spend your life thinking about the ‘what-ifs ’ or trying to make it work! What is meant for you will not pass by your door…you just have to be open minded to see the opportunities 🙂
    PS. Women do ‘check out’ good looking men in the street…the majority of them, just don’t admit it to themselves or anyone else!! ;o)

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