Dec 1st – huffing and puffing

It really felt like winter has arrived today, walking through town centre with the lights on the trees and the freezing cold air. As much as my body is not a real fan of the cold, there is something lovely about winter. Taking a stroll down the street in a heavy coat, breathing out air that freezes up

Met today with a good friend who is running a new chain of health clubs – one of which he’s like me to manage for him! It’s an interesting offer and something I am considering, but it’s funny how when you’ve been your own boss for a long time, the thought of working for someone else is both enticing and scary. Knowing that something is a good opportunity, but at the same time getting that feeling of cold feet that comes with the thought of giving up some of your freedom. Is that it feels on the night before your wedding? I guess no matter how good something is, if it means giving up even a small amount of freedom, there is a part of me that fears it a little. But a little bit of fear is ok 🙂

One guy made me laugh today when i was training. He was making such a show of what he was doing, throwing down the weights when he was finished, pacing around like a prize-fighter, huffing and puffing. At first it began to irritate me and i wanted to tell him to take more care of the weights and grow up (!) but i knew it might just lead to an argument so instead i just completely ignored him and trained harder than ever…but quietly and without fuss. I thought maybe that would say more than words…not that he could see past his own little charade.

Deep down I know that I’m a bit of a show-off & I like people to notice me, but sometimes I’m reminded of how ugly that can be and how foolish. Better to be humble and let your good actions speak… not your huffing and puffing!

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  1. rita knipe says:

    I like your honesty its so refreshing.


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