Day of Rest?

As a youngster, my mum always made sure that as a family we took 1day of full REST each week. But not just physical rest from exercise, but also a break from all the things that normally filled your our time and took our attention: like work, television, household jobs, homework etc.  It became the one really ‘special day’ in the week where we gave ourselves the right to slow down and do Quality things with each other.

And although at times it felt a bit limiting (sometimes as a kid you feel absolutely no need to rest, and so the idea of not going out and playing a football match seemed like torture!) in actual fact it was so liberating. And truth be told….I miss it.  I miss having the discipline to give myself one day of full rest.  Where I’m not pushing myself to exercise, or to do my daily work tasks, or make progress with my business, or fix something on the house!  I mean rest where you take time to enjoy nature, to spend quality time with the ones you love, to talk about deeper things, to take a break from computers and television!

The principle my mum brought into our upbringing came from the church we grew up going to, which encouraged people to follow the biblical principle of making one day a ‘day of rest’ – and also making that day a day to think about bigger life issues, spiritual things, family…  These days people tend to look down on anyone who ‘religiously’ sticks to something, and often completely miss the point and the value of that thing. But while we ‘religiously’ check our facebook, do our fitness workouts, watch our favourite tv shows, clean our cars, why don’t we find time to do other even more important things ‘religiously’?

Yesterday I walked to my local church and it was such a treat and a relief for my mind to think about things bigger than WORK and TRAINING. To enjoy being out for a slow walk, to think about life and what’s important in it, to think about God and about amazing concepts such as what it really means to forgive or to change.

Sometimes it takes Effort to relax… Sometimes it takes discipline & rules to be liberated and free. It takes being tough or brave to become meek & open to change.  And I’ll tell you one thing – taking one day a week to think about those things is not a bad place to start.

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