Day 9 – too easy :)

Just to emphasise how good I was feeling today, I decided to take 24kg dumbbells for my 100reps. I almost regretted it when I was feeling shattered on 90 reps, but there was absolutely no way I intended to let that dumbbell leave my hands before the 100rep mark…

I’m generally a person who likes to self-heal and avoid doctors, treatments, drugs etc… but this morning I decided to visit an Osteopath who’d been recommended to me. The reason for the visit was that a few months ago I’d hurt my back badly, whilst lifting a heavy weight, and ever since then I’ve had a stiffness and weakness in my back.  Well, he discovered nothing really out of place or majorly wrong, but a little focused massage and manipulation really did the job anyway & I came out raring to go.

I’m pretty sure that these kind of treatments could probably be replicated through some good Yoga practise, but sometimes when you’re busy a quick re-alignment and massage is quite a handy boost.  But I do believe that it is good not to be dependent on anything:  specific food, vitamins, treatments, type of bed, comforts etc…  As soon as you become dependent on something, you automatically lose a little bit of your self-reliance and ability to self-heal.  So my theory is – generally expect and demand of your body to self-heal…but occasionally get help when it’s clear it will make your self-healing more rapid or effective.

So thanks Tony! gave me a boost for breezing through day 9 of my 30-day challenge


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  1. zanderxl says:

    There is something to be said about the whole process of self-healing. People have written books and books on the subject. While I do believe that positive focusing can augment the body’s natural healing abilities, there ARE times when it is best to seek medical advice!
    Of course, whether-or-not you TAKE that advice is another thing entirely!

  2. IloveRajko says:

    Id would very much agree with zanderxl in terms of the postive impacts of self-healing, i feel often in our 1min world of quick fixes people purely look for a quick fix without out addressing the problem. This rush to consume drugs i fear often is not need as many problems the body can deal with, in time, on its own.

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