Day 8 of the 30-day challenge!

After a near miss on day 4, having to do my workout in an M25 service station at midnight(!), day 5 was equally bad as once again I had a totally full day and found myself around 11.30pm completely ready to sleep, but not having done my 100 lifts 🙁   That is a terrible moment when you are already falling asleep, but for whatever reason you must stay awake and do something demanding. It reminds me of being at university & having an assignment to finish for the next morning…but your eyes are just closing on you as you hunch over your papers & would give anything just to sleep.

But a challenge is a challenge, and so I pulled myself together and thought ‘sleep can wait another 15mins’ and i went out into the garden and trained by moonlight. It was quite peaceful actually, and if you’ve never done it I recommend it. Find somewhere quiet and do some form of continuous stationary exercise like dumbbell lifts or squats, and just stare up at the moon as you do it. It’s the complete opposite of a typical weight training strategy of pumping loud music and psyching yourself up. In fact it’s closer to meditation…but just a more energy-productive form of meditation!

So I’m still going strong on the 30-day challenge and now starting to find the task getting easier. I don’t know if this is a temporary mind trick & that perhaps it will suddenly become really tough again in a couple of days.  Like in Mexico when i had to run that 30mile mountain race in sandals (which the locals ended after 15miles because we were too slow to keep up with them!) I remember that the first 5miles were torture…and then suddenly the next few miles felt really good and I thought that perhaps I was over the hard part! Oh how wrong i was. That ‘easy’ feeling lasted about 2miles, and then the next 8miles of agonising ‘blister-running’ were one of the hardest things i’ve pushed myself through.

So we shall see how the next few days go, but already I’m enjoying that feeling of being the ‘master’ of this challenge. that feeling of pride that you get from setting yourself a task and accomplishing it. No matter how easy that task is, that’s a very powerful and useful feeling of pride to succeed in completing a task you’ve set yourself. In contrast if you regularly set yourself tasks and dont follow through with completing them (perhaps because the task you set yourself was too hard… or because your willpower was a bit lacking!) it creates a subtle but influential negative feeling in your mind and your body. A lack of self-belief or pride or commitment to your word. NO MATTER how simple or easy the task, it is just a really good thing to practice completing tasks and succeeding in personal challenges. It sets a pattern…

Bring on today’s challenge. I think I’ll be doing my lifts at the BBC gym in White City today – promoting the Hour of Power there and appearing as a Maximuscle Ambassador. To the BBC!

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  1. zanderxl says:

    I’ve started doing this challenge myself too and have now completed day 2. The real test will come when the weekend arrives because “normal” schedules kind of go out the window! But hey, if it was easy then it wouldn’t be called a “challenge” would it??
    On another note, I’ve been watching the re-runs of “Last Man Standing” on Dave and just watched the one where you all have to play that crazy version of cricket. Rajko, I have to say that what you did at the end of that was truly inspirational! Despite having a severly cut foot you decided to get up and have a go and, in fact, not only won the event individually but also went on to turn the tide of the whole game and win the match for your tribe! I’ve never seen a better example of one guy making a difference in the face of adversity. I have a kind of motto that goes “If there’s no bone showing, just keep going!” and you pretty much embodied that with what you did – even though your toes were hanging off! Nice job! Did you ever go back and check up on “baby Rajko”?

  2. Keep up the good work Alex! 30days is longer than you think, but you’ll do it.
    Still havent checked on Baby Rajko…but I will one day.

  3. Laura B says:

    Hey Rajko Well done on completing your lifts at the Beeb yesterday, we chatted v briefly afterwards in reception.. :0) Hope day 9 is good for you. x

  4. blair phillips says:

    I’ll prep up again and give it a go – I’ve done 20 days with a break on the 4 weekends in London but that was a while back. You have inspired me to give it another crack. Watch out Perth – here we go.

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