Christmas…what’s it all about?

Here’s a thought for Christmas… how cool would it be if everyone just agreed to stop giving (& expecting) gifts at Christmas?

Can you imagine how much more pleasant this whole season would be. Think about it.  There would be no stress of frantic Christmas shopping; of spending money that isn’t there; of worrying if you’ve forgotten to send someone a card; of being bombarded by ridiculous advertising campaigns…

Imagine if Christmas was a time when the only thing you thought about was winding down a year of hard work… of spending more quality time with family & close friends…of looking-out for people around you who need some help or love…of decorating the home nicely to brighten up the dull winter period…of spending more time at home listening to music, playing games and talking around a warm fire (or radiator!) … and just generally cutting out all of the nonsense.

Even as a person of faith myself, I would rather see people doing all of these things and really looking forward to this time of year for the right reasons; certainly not dreading it. Not running themselves ragged with work, picking up the flu, over-spending on throwaway gifts, over-eating unhealthy foods. Why not instead just use the time to wind down a little…and warm-up life a little. Wouldn’t that be enough?

And as far as celebrating Christ’s birth, the concept of celebrating Jesus’s birthday makes sense if you believe in him. Even if not for doctrinal reasons. But realistically that isn’t the reason most people celebrate the modern version of Christmas, especially in the mixed-faith and relatively secular society we find ourselves in.

Which is why I personally would like to be able boycott some of the unhealthy Christmas expectations, like excessive gift-giving, excessive TV watching and excessive mince pie eating (and the like) and instead focus on genuinely making it the uplifting time of year that it has the potential to be….  family time, goodwill and kindness, warmth and lightness of spirit to counteract the cold and dark of winter, and if you’re Christian, then absolutely yes, celebrating Jesus’s life,  genuinely and humbly and sincerely.




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  1. James says:

    Hey Rajko, Just signed up for your blog. I might have to look into doing one of these things. Your sentiments above almost track with the message I will be giving tomorrow night – except I’ll be putting the emphasis directly on the simple but profound gift that was in the feeding trough – the Son of God and Son of man, the Word become flesh.
    Say hi to your mum and bro.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. conrad says:

    Nicely put! Hope you’re doing well matey. Quite like reading your blog. If you’re ever interested you can follow mine on

    Look forward to catching up sometime soon. Oh and Happy Birthday for in a few days time!



  3. Emore says:

    Rajko I LOVE your blog

  4. Nina says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I cut down a lot on gifts this year, not to be mean but precisely for the reasons you talked about. Someone in my supermarket the other day was spending £700 on one batch of shopping!!! I would rather give it to charity if I had that sort of money spare.

    Have just signed up for this blog, have done the dvd workout a few times and loving it 🙂

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