Bodypower Weekend

Today I’m off to Bodypower Expo in Birmingham to host our annual Dragan Challenge event. This year’s show should be as lively and exciting as ever – not just our part of it, but the whole event.  World’s Strongest Men, Fitness professionals, extreme bodybuilders, Sports Pros…

And our challenge should stand out beautifully as it always does – the hardcore fitness challenge that it is less about how you look and more about what can you do!? And always impossible to predict who will win the Dragan Challenge – especially when the Dragan himself is not lifting. When he was lifting is was predictable… He never lost! 🙂

But now it’s a lot more interesting because now others have taken up the gauntlet and are training properly for this event. No longer is it one crazy man and his son. Now it’s a proper fitness challenge which other people have realised CAN be done…if you recognise the concept of upper body strength/endurance/cardio.

But the best bit about the weekend will be seeing old faces. Taking up a team of our Fitness4x4 trainers and enthusiasts. Catching up with trainers from around the country, and contenders who’ve been doing the challenge over the years.  Big Trevor Perry and his lovely family (the very tall, 40’something ‘working man’ winner of the Challenge a few years ago!) and Xavier – the human machine and Fitness4x4 devotee. twice recovered from cancer and as passionate about health as ever!

So it should be a great weekend. Lets see who ends up as the new champion…

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