Bodypower EXPO day 1 – Maximuscle Dragan Challenge SPRINT

The Dragan challenge is a uniquely unpredictable event…
Take the day 1 competition at Bodypower just yesterday – the UK south team in the lead until the last moment when their fifth man suddenly dropped the weight, unable to grip it for those crucial final 10 reps!  But the result of this totally unexpected conclusion to the race was that the final had to be decided by a sudden death re-lift for the two top teams ( Uk north vs Uk south.) And the crowd went crazy because it was so close.  in the end just a few reps decided victory. Winners: UK North!

But the highlights of the first day for me were the fantastic Irish team – who always travel great distances to be at Bodypower and compete admirably. The St Leger brothers, all three of them lifting faster than almost anyone else and probably very serious competition for next Years title. Xavier Dolino, the inspirational Hour of Power and 4×4 instructor who has twice recovered from extreme cancer, and was there back on stage competing. Chatting with Brian Shaw (current strongst man in the world) about a version of the Dragan Challenge that would suit Strongman compeitions – and convincing him to lift my father and I like two pieces of luggage (!) Also running into Alex Reid again after almost 7years, and reminiscing when he’d entered our Dragan Challenge as a relatively little known (but up and coming) fighter, and produced one of the best lifting results to date.

What can i say though…congrats to UK North and to Aaron Barnett for winning day 1 fastest team and faster individual events. And also it seemed like it was meant to be that Steve Elwood this year won the sprint finish after narrowly losing to James last year. Congratulations Steve – yet another extraordinary example of someone over 50 competing against guys half his age, and winning.

Tomorrow I’ll write  a little summary of day 2 – including a little blog about Last Man Standing, which came on again tonight. Unfortunately i missed this evening’s Last Man Standing re-run as we were on our way back from NEC in Birmingham and foolishly managed to run out of petrol. But the AA man was good to us and we only forced him to do 1 repetition with the 16kg 🙂

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