Bodypower Day 2!!

The Original Dragan Challenge ‘Endurance Lifting Championships’…

Ever since the Dragan Challenge began, getting people to believe that this was not just a genetic ability of my fathers has been a long and gradual process. A bit like learning an instrument – seems impossible to get anywhere for ages, and then all of a sudden you’re making a great sound. That’s how it’s been with the Dragan Challenge…no-one could come close and therefore no-one was trying…and then suddenly, there’s a whole new WAVE of elite lifters who are pushing out totals which are even making Dragan turn his head!

Day two’s challenge was awesome. The fastest lifter of day one, Aaron Barnett, came up head to head with last year’s runner up – Steve Ellwood. And they both looked like they could just keep lifting and lifting… So much so that they both exceeded the maximum lifting time of 1hour and the event had to be decided with a sprint finish yet again. This time however, Steve was not going to be beaten and seemed to even up his pace at the end, maintaining a full 20reps ahead of Aaron.  But it was an exciting chase and the crowd were half expecting Aaron to pull out one of his 2min40 100 Reps efforts, to sneak ahead of Steve. But it was not to be, and Steve proudly took the title and made ammends for last year’s close defeat to James St Leger.

It was an exciting weekend all in all. Not to mention getting Ronnie Coleman on stage to lift with us. What a man mountain he is, but what a friendly character. Not all sportstars of this magnitude are so friendly and relaxed, but I have often found that the guys who are at the very top are the ones who have the least to prove.  Through the Dragan Challenge I’ve had the privilege to come into close contact with people like Royce Gracie, Ronnie Coleman, Bill Kaz, Brian Shaw World’s strongest man) and many more. These are guys who could finish you off in a few seconds – either through fighting skill or simply brute strength(!) and yet they are all polite, friendly guys. Perhaps not if you push the wrong buttons, but that’s true of anyone. IT was the same in Zululand – the best stick fighters were the most gentle in normal life. I guess they have nothing to prove in normal life, cos they know they’ve got what it takes when it really matters.

And i think that’s a good way to be. Make sure you’ve got what it takes when it matters, through training, consistency and some self discipline…and then in your daily life be humble.  That’s the winning combo right there…

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