The Ant that Looked Up

I once had an interesting thought whilst watching an ant crawl around my foot. Believe it or not, it’s a thought I’ve tried many times to express in such a way that would really capture how interesting it was to me … Continue reading

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Christmas…what’s it all about?

Here’s a thought for Christmas… how cool would it be if everyone just agreed to stop giving & expecting gifts at Christmas? Can you Imagine how much more pleasant this whole period would be. Think about it.  There would be … Continue reading

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Join the 100Club for Christmas 2014!

Q) When does a challenge get boring? A)  When it ceases to be a challenge. When something is no longer personally challenging to you, no matter how interesting or inspiring (or difficult) it may appear to other people, it will … Continue reading

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Are there things we are doing wrong in daily life, which are making us more susceptible to injury?

It seems like everyone I know has recently either been ill or suffered an injury…and that includes me. (I couldn’t fight off the dreaded flu). Which leads me to ask the question, how can we avoid getting ill or indeed getting … Continue reading

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Resistance in Cardio

How does someone train to be ready for anything? Is it by trying to have as diverse a training schedule as possible and essentially trying to do a bit of everything? This is something I had to ask myself when I got … Continue reading

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Recover faster from injury

One thing I have had to become good at is recovering from injuries! Some people are lucky and never get injured, however, most of us have a long list of aches and pains and sometimes it seems the more you … Continue reading

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