The Shorter Story

Perhaps best known in the mainstream media for his efforts competing against Indigenous Tribesman in the extreme sports documentary series Last Man Standing (BBC/Discovery) Rajko has spent more than two decades working internationally as an inspirational fitness educator, competitive endurance athlete, performing musician/songwriter and physical well-being advisor to schools.

Having studied Physical Education & Sport Science at Loughborough University, where he represented the University in 1st team basketball and volleyball and founded the highly successful Hour of Power Student’s Club, Rajko went on to establish Fitness4x4 Ltd – a company which would seek to take his father’s unique fitness training philosophies and make them accessible to a wider audience, whilst placing his own mark on the method along the way.  Through a combination of fitness seminars, high profile challenges, dynamic studio classes and REPS endorsed Instructor & Trainer Certification Courses, Rajko continues to spearhead the expansion of the Hour of Power® Workout, HOP® Evolutions and the Fitness4x4 Professional Trainer Network, here in the UK and Internationally.

Sometimes when people discover that I am both a fitness specialist and a performing musician, they are surprised. But I think that creative self expression and physical exertion most naturally always go hand in hand in our lives – if we want to live fully. Yes, health & fitness is at the very root of what it means to be human and you cannot enjoy a quality of life without it.  But so is creative expression – in whatever form inspires you – and it should never be a choice between one or the other.  Life should be experienced living strong, expressing creativity and being mindful of the beauty of both those defining characteristics of being human 

Rajko currently teaches out of his North London (UK) base, where he lives with his wife Andrijana and daughter Dunja.