The Longer Story

Rajko was born in 1978 in the town of Hillingdon, West London. His early years consistently  displayed the highest academic achievement, but it was his achievement on the sports field that took centre stage. Leaving high school Rajko went on to compete at a high level of University and Inter-Collegiate sport in both the UK and USA, playing 1st team volleyball, basketball and football (soccer) at two universities. It was also at this time that Rajko began pioneering his father’s Hour of Power workout, gaining an early reputation as a ‘young fitness guru’. With packed classes of students and staff in what would become Loughborough University’s most successful fitness class of the 2000’s, Rajko’s Hour of Power continues to inspire students to this day.

Having worked as a fitness consultant to multiple health clubs, Rajko went on to produce the original Hour of Power home-workout DVD in 2004, travelling to Hawaii to join his father Dragan Radovic training and shooting content for the DVD. The release went on to sell independently at fitness conventions and challenges around the world, slowly but surely training up a growing fan-base for this uniquely effective total-body training method.

In 2005 however, Rajko stepped back from a career in sport and fitness to pursue a musical path, recording an acoustic album and performing at venues across the UK. Having begun songwriting at the age of 17 and having performed professionally from the age of 21, for Rajko this was not a sudden transition to an unfamiliar career, though for him is twas significant and  life-changing: (

“I felt that in order to be taken seriously and to legitimately be able to call myself a ‘professional musician’ I needed to shift everything I was doing in a musical direction, and so I began teaching music by day and gigging by night.”

It was at this time that Rajko co-founded the social enterprise Gig Aid – a platform for unsigned artists to showcase their talent whilst raising funds for charitable causes. (

Throughout this period of music however, Rajko’s commitment to elite physical training never faltered and so it was that in 2007 when he was invited to apply for the BBC’s Last Man Standing, it was an easy switch for Rajko back into ‘athlete mode’ to take on the toughest challenge of his life. 14 months, 12 tribes, 6 athletes and some of the worlds toughest sporting endeavours. Finishing tied for first place despite numerous potentially career ending injuries, Rajko was able to limp away from the experience with head held high:

“Many times I have wished I could go back and repeat the experience without the injuries,  and really show what I could do…but perhaps the reality is that I learned much more about myself through the adversity and struggle of competing with serious injuries than I would have learned otherwise. In many ways the whole experience was like staring into a huge mirror everyday which exposed every single weakness, fear and limitation I had physically and mentally. But at the same time it was the most beautiful and unbelievable experience of my life, travelling with 5 guys who became like brothers, meeting tribes-people who took me in like family, and putting to the test the fitness methods I’d been publicly promoting for many years in the most extraordinary way possible.”

In 2009 having recovered from reconstructive knee surgery, several broken bones and a array of injuries sustained during the filming of Last Man Standing, Rajko approached fitness supplement giants ‘Maximuscle’ to sponsor the now infamous ‘Dragan Challenge’ – an event Rajko had been assisting his father with since 2003. Maximuscle jumped on board and officially launched the Maximuscle Dragan Challenge in 2010, sending father and son team across the UK to find the nation’s best new endurance lifters. The Grand Final event at the Bodypower Expo in Birmingham was a landmark day for Rajko and Dragan, showing for the first time that the remarkable upper-body feats of strength and endurance were not a family genetic gift but rather a physical state of conditioning achievable by anyone willing to radically and intensively shift their understanding and approach to fitness training”

“I think up until that Bodypower weekend, many people deep down believed that our Fitness4x4 training method was an interesting and unusual gift which was unique to us…but after that weekend I think a lot of people’s eyes were opened up to the fact that upper body strength/endurance is still relatively unchartered territory, and the only reason we have been ahead of the game is because my father was one of the first to begin exploring!”

In January 2011, with the help of Distribution giants DCD Media, Rajko launched the all new Hour of Power Fitness DVD, opening up this unique method to the UK home fitness market. The DVD quickly  reached the Top Ten Fitness DVDs for HMV and later went on to become a consistently popular seller via Amazon’s online marketplace.

“There was a time when Hour of Power was something I only did with other people who were really serious about improving their fitness. But the reality of it now is that  thousands of people have benefited from the Hour of Power – whether they were previously into sport and training, or not!  I’ve taught Hour of Power to everyone from kids to senior citizens and honestly I have not found another training class which so readily and legitimately appeals to such a wide audience. I think that’s because its such a genuinely empowering and non-gimmicky approach to exercise…and people are fed up with gimmicks”.

Outside of his work pioneering the Hour of Power, figure heading the Maximuscle Dragan Challenge and chasing new World Records in Endurance, Rajko divides his time between Music, Teaching and New Challenges.

As a ‘Well Being Advisor’ to schools, one of Rajko’s biggest personal goals is to inspire students of all ages to adopt an empowered approach to healthy living, through motivational talks and interactive workshops.

“little of what I’ve achieved is down to pure talent – in fact most of it is down to simple consistency and self-belief. I don’t think that’s something you gain overnight, but I do know for a fact that it can be developed in everyone, and that there are small things you can change in your daily life which can make a huge difference long-term.”

In 2010 Rajko taught the Hour of Power workout to all 800 students and staff at Robert Clack School in London, setting an unofficial new world record for the largest ever weight’s based fitness class. In 2011 this was repeated at Honley High School in Yorkshire with 950 students & staff, this time receiving official recognition from Guiness World Records. The events are something which Rajko believes can be a catalyst to kids and schools across the country to see that although sport may not appeal to everyone, the right exercise approach can be truly universal, and can significantly impact the health of the next generation.

Rajko currently lives in North London with his wife Andrijana (with whom he performs and composes music) and their young daughter Dunja.