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Today is the last day of my Album Recollections in my Blog, and in fact after today I am choosing to put my music career on hold. A lot of people have asked me why…

Well, it’s not cos I’ve given up on my dream, or lost faith that I can do it, or lost energy. In fact I have more energy than ever for music and I truly love performing in ANY occasion – whether it be at a gig of mine, at a wedding, in a living room or even down a phone line! I love creating music with all my heart, and I’ll never stop. When discovered music and the freedom to create it, I uncovered a part of myself that was different to the straight-laced, sporty, easy-going Rajko. Something more passionate and more from my core. And I think it changed me as a person to discover music…

But in day-to-day, practical terms, I am also the Director of the family fitness business. And as anyone knows who runs their own business, it is not a small thing – especially if you want it to actually thrive as a business. And so with opportunities that began to emerge earlier this year, to launch our Fitness4x4 method & Hour of Power class on a national scale, it became quite a simple choice: struggle to pursue a music career with no support, whilst also trying to make a business work during a worldwide financial crisis!! or, put my passion on hold, simplify my life for a while, and as a result make the family business a success. Not just for my family, but for me too. To create some financial support for my life, to create a base to function from…and to return to music in a stronger way at a later date.

There’s a lot of pressure in society to be a certain age to do the things you wanna do. Whether it’s pressure on a girl to have a baby before a certain age, or pressure on a student to have chosen his career path by a certain age…or pressure on a musician to have ‘made it big’ by a certain age. I think it’s all quite real in one sense…and also nonsense. Music is in me for life. I have material for two albums just itching leap out of me and be recorded…but now is not the time. Now is the time for some strong decision making, some hard work in the field of fitness, and an exciting detour.

The album for me was one of the biggest landmarks in my life. Bigger than getting picked for Last Man Standing; bigger than breaking a world record in dumbbell lifting; bigger than getting a degree from Loughborough University. For one simple reason – it was much much harder. For Last Man Standing I got picked to be part of an epic adventure & only a fool would not give 110% to making it the best adventure of their life. The world record was just a culmination of a way of training I was doing anyway. The degree was just an extension of the whole education process – you study, you learn, you pass exams, you get a certificate & you have an amazing time. But the album! The album was my vision – my dream. Like the Salmon in the river chatting to all the other types of fish and telling them he wants to swim upstream and jump up waterfalls to get to a place he know he must get to!! Difficult, against the flow, without finances, without guarantees of anything at the end of it, without any interest from a record label, and all the while knowing that a career in fitness was right there for the taking.

So you can probably tell, it was a labour of true love. And no matter how challenging it was…I loved it! Staying up until the early hours recording, re-recording, mixing until every second of a song was just how i wanted it. I love the process of recording and creating. It’s a picture which starts out as a sketch in your mind, and then all you do is ‘Add a Little Colour’.

As far as music goes, it’s like a famous ‘politician’ once said….”I’ll be back” 🙂

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  1. Markl5000 says:

    as soon as i saw your message on facebook announcing you were stepping back I knew that someday you intend to return to music, and if you had the choice to continue with music you would… I could tell just from listening to your music that you’ve put something into it that not many people ever achieve, and have a real passion for it.

    But best of luck mate, and in my eyes if your happy, then you’ve already made it.


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