Album Stories (4)

I could not have recorded the album without my accompanying guitarist and very good friend Nik Ironside Wood. Nik features on most of the songs on the album, and more importantly he was there for the whole journey – trekking over to my place many late nights after work to rehearse; seeing how many speakers and amps he could carry by himself after a gig; watching rubbish old DVD’s like ‘King Arthur’ when we couldn’t focus on music anymore, or just hanging out. There are many people who know a lot about me, but very few people who know me inside out – and I would say Nik is one of the exceptions who does. Like any very good friend he’s seen me at my highest and lowest, and in both situations he is very much the same – accepting, patient, always ready to laugh and always with something fascinating to say. Of course there were occasions whilst touring where we almost lost it (usually after spending way too many hours in a small car) but nothing a good swim couldn’t solve – especially if it was in painfully cold Pacific waters in winter!

And so I am very happy that there are two original piano compositions by Nik on the record. One of them was written especially for the album after I told Nik the story of the woodpecker (on the CD cover). The other one is just a beautiful piece of music that Nik would always play when we needed to chill out … and there was a piano handy.

For me, the sound of the guitar is a wonderful thing, but after a certain amount of songs it is such a treat to hear a different sound – the sound of a piano. And so although it is a little escape from the sound of the rest of the album – it was something I knew from very early on that I wanted in there. I remember Nik was unsure of how or if we should use his tracks on my album – but for me those tunes are like old friends, and so is Nik – and so they both needed to feature somewhere!

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