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Some of my favourite albums of all time – whether on record or CD – have ‘hidden tracks’. I remember listening to an old beatles album and being totally surprised by the song about the Queen – can’t remember which album it is, but it’s quite funny.

And so, with just one day to go before I’d be professionally Mastering the album at MasterBlaster Studio in Ladbroke Grove, I had this overwhelming feeling that I must record a song which would just not leave me alone. It was a song I’d written only weeks before, and I found myself playing it all the time. And so it started to feel like part of the album…but it wasn’t on there. With just 12hours before my morning mastering session, and knowing I could not do a complex arrangement of the song…I decided to put it on as a hidden track. So I just took an old guitar, set up the mic, lit a few candles and played the song as honestly as I could. I remember my nose was blocked and I was feeling so tired – and you can hear it in my voice – but I managed to capture just a simple and totally honest performance of the song. And I was so happy. Even now I sometimes fast forward to the end of the album to listen to that song only – and then take the CD back out of the player! I call the song ‘Deep Blue World’ and it’s not listed on the album – but for me it’s one of the defining songs — and if you have the album but have never heard it…well now you can! 🙂

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  1. cemenike says:

    Indeed, Deep Blue World is a beautiful song. And I agree with the hidden track thing. I think U2, Lauryn Hill and a few others have done it. At the end of listening to an album, it’s always a lovely surprise!! C x

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