Album Stories (2)

Perhaps one of the most unique memories of recording the album was up on the banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland, where I was working at an Outdoor Activities Camp (SEP) for teenagers. With just 2hours left before everyone would be departing, I suddenly remembered that I had wanted to try to capture a few seconds of a choir singing the old hymn ‘How Great Thou Art’. I had decided just a few weeks before to include a spontaneous performance of the song on my album, but I also had a vague notion that I wanted to record a choir singing it with me…

…and so with just two hours to spare, my RODE microphone and a crazy plan, I began running around the camp trying to recruit people for the last-minute recording session. They needed to know the song, they needed to be able to harmonise with very little practice, and they needed to be ready to do it NOW! I managed to assemble a choir of about 8people (ages ranging from 16yrs – 65yrs) and with nowhere else to record, we all squeezed into a 4-man caravan and began singing! The rain was absolutely pouring down outside; around camp more than 300 people were milling about getting ready to depart…and here i was trying to lead an impromptu choir in a professional recording session…in a caravan…in a field…in Scotland!

Unbelievably it worked…and it features on my album. I only ended up using a few seconds of the recording, but for me those few seconds are so Special. Not only because they add something unique to the album, but because it’s such a funny and brilliant memory.

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