A little bit of snow

It wasn’t too many years ago that we’d get a good amount of snow in London in winter, but these days I’d say we’re lucky to get a morning’s worth. And yesterday that is exactly what we got. On Saturday it had been sunny and then Sunday morning when i opened up my door to go outside there was snow everywhere. Immediately I felt quite excited and happy. I guess snow has a way of adding a beautiful top layer to everything, no matter what the under-layers are like. Suddenly even a really dull street seems to have character and elegance when a little snow falls.

Why am i talking about snow? I don’t know particularly, but yesterday morning when i walked out into the snow it reminded me that you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Frequently when I’ve been confused or my mind has been cluttered and i dont see solutions, its amazing how something will happen or simply a new day will begin and it can all feel quite different – even though its the same underneath. For me its worth remembering that…

Last week was a great week. I did my first day in my new role as Well Being Advisor, I played a really enjoyable gig in London’s 12BAR and I did an interview on ‘Loose Women’. I liked the Loose Women and their crew – they looked after Mark and I. Also, while we were waiting to do our interview we got chatting to a couple of Mariah Carey’s backing musicians (john and james), who ended up jamming with us in our dressing room. Mariah herself kept well hidden in her dressing room as she waited to do the ‘friday night project’, but if I’d seen her I would have invited her to jam with us. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in all my travels is that music does bring people together. It’s been said before and it sounds cheesy, but its definitely true. When there’s nothing left to say or too much has been said already, music and singing is the best communication – especially when people sing together.

Next time I’m on Loose Women it will hopefully be to sing and who knows – maybe Mariah’s backing musicians can join me for a reunion.

P.S Happy birthday S and R

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  1. Stef says:

    Greetings from Canada

    I am new on this site and am absolutely taken aback by Rajko’s blogs and the responses they garner. It is so nice to read something with depth and insight today, as it appears our world is moving too fast to stop and take notice of the simple beauty in our lives, such as a fresh snow fall, that most would ignore or complain about, although here in Canada we get it all too often! (Yes, that was a complaint). If anything it is a constant reminder that the world is always changing and while temporarily covering what is underneath it helps us to recognize the importance of seeing our world in a different light. That is what I especially liked about Last One Standing; it really showed the unique beauty that existed in all of the places you got to visit and portrayed a more humanistic side rather than just the superficial. I feel that I got to know as much about the people who inhibited the areas as I did about the athletes, which is really something special.

    Anyways, this is a long entry for a first timer! I promise to be short and to the point from now on ~ haha

    Congrats on all of your successes!
    Any Canadian music trips in the near future??

    Take Care Eh!

  2. Weebo says:

    I agree with both you, Rajko, and the earlier poster. I remember there used to be a heck of a lot of snow(sometimes enough for snow days ^^) but anymore it seems I’m lucky to get a snow day’s worth over the entire winter.

    As for the music, it strikes me that it’s a universal language, no matter your native tongue a catchy tune is a catchy tune, everyone understands the sounds from an instrument.

    – Seth

  3. Alyssa-Marie says:

    “Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends”
    -Alphonse de Lamartine

    Your blog reminded me of this lovely quote 🙂

  4. 1akitartar says:

    I cannot believe I missed you on loose women!!!!! Missed you on Paul o’grady too I am gutted. You are definately getting around now, hope someone signs you up soon. My other half has you on his ipod and I keep hearing him singing along with my kidS!!! What along way you’ve come since singing wild thing at SEP! On the subject of snow, isnt it beautiful everything seems so fresh, clean and perfect then the black ice and slush comes and reminds us that it isn’t less than 24 hrs later…. but such is life.

    Emma n co xx

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