30-Day Dragan Challenge!

Inspired by my brother’s recent 30Day Dragan Challenge…which in turn was inspired by his housemate’s 30day Yoga challenge…

…I am now beginning my 30day Dragan challenge! ( well, yesterday to be precise 🙂

This involves quite simply taking two dumbbells and performing the Fitness4x4 ‘Curl and Press’ movement, one arm at a time, standing on the spot, and completing 100 non-stop repetitions…FOR 30 DAYS in a ROW!

For those who’ve never tried it I know that doing more than 15 repetitions of any upper body exercise can seem weird and unecessary – but this is a whole new style of exercising. It’s about not simply toning the upper body but more importantly making it fit, vital and full of energy. And if you can survive the 30-day challenge you will feel a significant difference in your upper body tone/strength/fitness, as well as a serious boost to your mental toughness.

The main reason to do the challenge is if you want your whole body to be vital, ‘capable’ and nicely toned. Usually fitness training and cardiovascular training are done predominantly with the lower body – but if you can get to grips with the Dragan Challenge you’ll open up a whole new set of possibilities.

MY top TIP:    Dont think about it or analyse it too much. Just do it!

So I began yesterday. I chose a weight which would be challenging for me to lift 100times without resting (I won’t say what weight that is because the only thing that’s important is that YOU choose the weight, and YOU do the 100reps…no excuses!)

It should take you no more than 6 minutes and no less than 3minutes – probably between 4mins-5mins is ideal.  Keep your core strong (maintain some tension in your abs & your glut’s) and extend all the way up on each repetition.  It’s also a good idea to exhale whenever you press overhead.

That’s the basics to get you started. I’ll give a few more tips each day and I’ll be posting some videos soon of some very interesting sessions I’ve done recently  (check out the 100Club page on this site)

Day two is today!! I’m not worried about this one…it’s more Day 5 I’m worried about….on a lazy Sunday (after a wedding on Saturday)  But I’ll do it – dont you worry about that 🙂

100Club Challenge on Cooper's Hill

100Club Challenge on Cooper's Hill


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  1. charlieg says:

    havent started yet but going to buy some dumbells this afternoon after work 🙂

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