25th June 2007 2am

I’ve just returned from the BBC launch party and pre-screening of episode-one “Last Man Standing”! It’s very late and I’m exhausted…but I’m also really excited about just how good the programme is! It’s brilliant. So entertaining, exciting, beautifully shot. It’s obviously a little strange to watch myself on TV, but it was really enjoyable too! To see that what I’ve been doing the past year is actually resulting in something that I can be really proud of and proud to say I was a part of. It’s been an amazing year making this programme – seeing the world, meeting amazing tribal people who’ve sometimes treated me more like family than my own family! It’s quite touching and humbling. I cried when I left Nagaland. Even though it had only been 2 weeks that we were there filming, my host family were so good to me and so sad when I was leaving that it really got to me. And the whole experience has been like that – extreme emotions and being challenged in every possible way. It’s hard to describe to someone who wasn’t there, but maybe when people see the programmes they will understand what I’ve been privileged to go through this year. I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself and I’ve confirmed a lot about myself too. It’s nice to feel you know who you are and what you stand for and what your passions are. It’s taken me a few years to start feeling sure of these things, but finally I feel I am.

This morning I made my first appearance on live television on BBC breakfast show with Dermot Murnaghan and his co-host Sian. It was funny because I remember watching Dermot appear on Channel4 news many years ago, always immediately after Transworld Sport – which I would watch religiously every Saturday morning. It’s even funnier that the weird tribal sports I used to watch on that programme are now sports I’m taking part in for real! How amazing is that!

After that interview I hit the recording studio with my engineer/producer Jeff and we made a concerted effort to try to finish my acoustic album, but for now I will have to settle for having finished half of the songs. Today I added backing vocals to ‘Run’ and it came out really good. Tried to add Conga drums too, but quickly established my limitations as a drummer! 🙂 Funny to think that the drums were the first instrument I played in a band. I think we played a Nirvana tune… But with my recording the problem is simply that there is not enough time between our trips at the moment, so I’ve been using every spare minute to work on songs with Jeff. And even though I’m still not finished it has been well worth it. Today I was up at 4am just to be able to make time to do recording after the BBC breakfast show…and its almost 3am now…23 non stop hours later – and I’m shattered. But I’m also nearly there with both the EP and the acoustic album, so I feel happier than ever. What a day!

What an exciting few days it has been. And on Wednesday we fly to America to shoot the title sequence for Discovery Channel, so it just doesn’t stop!

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  1. Ken Wells says:

    Rajko, you are in my prayers. I watched the show for most of the session. You endured more then any of the others. In my book you are the winner.

  2. J says:

    Rajko, you are awesome. We loved watching you.

  3. bomchel says:

    Wow…my heart was in my throat the entire time. I was extremely scared for your safety as well as the others. Obviously there is a crew filming but this was definitely a nailbiter, I was thrilled that you did well and that all of you were safe. congrats

  4. Boochadipilli says:

    I just wanted to say that aside from your physical prowess and your determination to prove yourself despite some fairly serious obstacles, what I truly admired about you as I watched the program was your great respect for the people and cultures that you encountered. Thank you for showing that acknowledging the value of others and their beliefs is also an indication of true strength. All the best to you in your endeavors! (and I’m eager to hear some of your music–the SHOP section wasn’t working when I logged on).


  5. Shawn Nunes says:

    The show was awesome and inspiring. You were the most consistant of all the athletes and should have won. I shed a tear or two myself when the series ended. Hope to see one of your shows when you come to california again. God Bless

  6. Karen says:

    We have yet to see the final, we are up to the episode where you broke your ribs. This show is the best reality show i have ever seen. you are very centred and very humble. Would love to see you perform, you should come to New Zealand, you would be very much appreciated. And you are beautiful inside as well as outside it would seem. x

  7. Just want to reply to the comments on this page…firstly thank you for all the encouragement and praise regarding my contribution to Last One Standing. It’s a real treat to get that feedback and in some ways its the best reward for pushing myself so hard throughout the trip. At times during the show i just wondered how many more times i’d have to fight through injury and i don’t know how i did it sometimes…but i did and it s a fantastic memory now.

    My music tour in the US is going very well and i certainly hope to tour NZ and Australia as soon as i possible can. Many great musicians had success over there first. so maybe i can do the same thing 🙂

  8. Karen says:

    Wow how amazing to see your comment, that you have actualy read the comments posted, mine was just the one before on 4/1/08. Have since then been checking out your music site and listening to your songs etc.. beautiful lyrics… your music and the way you speak and the things you speak about in general are very thought provoking and register within the soul. I have become totally intrigued with the show, its still viewing here in NZ, just watched the one where you axed your foot and yet came on at the end and excelled beyond belief in the tribal cricket!!! Also keen to check out your dvd, that fitness philosophy, and the mind/body concept appeals greatly. I am going to go look for it in the stores, hope it sells over here. Wish you great success ahead, keep doing what you are doing, its awesome. You are a 3D person, complete on all levels.

    Kind regards, in peace, love and light.
    Karen. xx

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