RAJKO’s ‘100 Club’

The 100 Club Challenge initially it began as a creative & entertaining way for Rajko to spice up his own endurance lifting training. Instead of performing his customary endurance lifting regimen at the gym in front of a mirror, why not atop a mountain; in a canoe in the middle of a scandinavian lake, on the back of a jeep, or even at the local 24hr supermarket!

View latest 100 Club video: 100 Club - Location 4: Supermarket

Get Inspired! Rajko’s vision for the 100Club was to entertain, but more so to inspire – and that can begin right here, right now, while you watch the latest 100Club video! Simply find yourself a pair of dumbbells you can Draganlift with moderate effort, and then go ahead and lift with Rajko as you watch the video and as he once again attempts to R-E-A-C-H 100.

“It will only take you 10minutes, but if done regularly the 100Club Challenge will create a foundation in your upper body fitness that can be a springboard to achieving the best fitness of your life!”

“I never know where the 100Club will take me or what the next idea will be for it, but I’m going to keep using it to challenge and motivate myself first – and then if it works for me, maybe it can also inspire others in their own personal fitness ‘adventures’ – whatever they look like.”

Rajko does the 100Club challenge with Aaron Barnett - winner of Maximuscle Dragan Challenge 2011

Rajko leads 100Club challenge with guest Aaron Barnett up the famous ‘cheese rolling’ Coopers Hill in Gloucester, England.

If you have a location or a destination where you would like to see Rajko complete a 100 Club challenge, contact Rajko directly via the Contact Page.